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Organize your business

Using Planthat you and your team will always know what is in the queue for this week and the ones coming.

Prioritize and estimate tasks and immediately see the impact on your whole schedule.

Tasks & Stories

So you feel like you are in need to improve the way you handle projects and the tasks that come with it?

Features of Planthat

  • Time-tracking

    One of the most essential tasks for day-to-day business and teams: tracking the time you spent on stories.

  • Estimations

    When estimating stories Planthat can give you forecasts for your upcoming weeks based upon the efforts you were able to finish in the past.

  • Reports

    Sometimes you just need to see some figures. Use Planthat's several reports to dive into the world of graphs and statistics.

  • Comments

    Share what is on your mind! Story-related commments will help you and your team to discuss best possible options for a given story.

  • Attachments

    Upload all kinds of files and attach them to a story. Maybe you need to provide a screenshot of a bug or the last scribble for a layout - just attach it and every team member may access it.

  • User-Stories

  • Import

    Coming from another service like Pivotal Tracker? Well, why not bring your projects? Planthat gives you the option to import all your data so you can start seamlessly.

  • API

    Nowadays tools need to have an API - and we got it. So you can connect to Planthat using cool third party apps with many different functionalities.

  • Week Planner

    Planthat gives you an easy overview to the upcoming weeks and the tasks that have to be done there. It will also warn you if a week has to many tasks, based upon the tasks you managed to finish the weeks before.

  • History

    With the history you can see every change that has been made by anyone in your team to a given story. So you will never loose track of what happenend.

  • Teams

    Teaming up is important. That is why we support multiple teams. Every project has specific team members. And you can have different team members in another project. With the same account.

  • Filter

    Not interested in seeing stories which are paused or assigned to someone else? Great. Filters will help you get rid of that extra stories you do not need to see right now.

  • Search

    Where is that story located John used to work on lately? Planthat's search will help you. And if you combine it with the filters it is even more powerful.

  • Real-time collaboration

    See and react to everything that matters on your project, in real time. Bring your distributed team together.

  • Multiple Categories

    You need more than just Bug,Chore or Feature? Create as many categories as you need and pick an icon you like best for it.

Web Interface

always available

All you need is a browser that supports recent technologies such as CSS3 & HTML5 and you are fine.

No installation required. Ready to go!

Drag & Drop

the ease of use

Rearrange stories in Current or Icebox by using drag & drop. It is as easy as that. Really.

Quickboard Item

with time-tracking

The Quickboard gives you every information that is stored to a story.

Plus: you can even do all available story-actions from here. And it is available on every page.